Daily Zombiie

Yewnicorn City

You ever just wana write down or say all the random thoughts and short stories in your head? Well this is the perfect time for me to start… Let us march….:

It all started with my cat, dog and zebra. We were running wild in the underwater forest eating cake and shrimp. You know, living the wild shmild life. Potato, pahtahtoe, tomato, tomato(er)… Anyteeeeeee who, “want some watermelon?” asked the cat. “No” replied the zebra “I’m just not in the mood for your shit today cat”. The dog looked up “Awwww shnaps, meet me in the yard it’s going down, meet me in the zoo it’s going down, meet me anywhere guaranteed it’s going down” cat says ‘Instigating hating ass dog. Go milk the damn cows. As far as you zebra, aka, the ass wipe of the horses, blow me, blow the dog and go blow your mom. All I did was ask your ‘I have stripes so I must be a tiger’ confused ass a damn question about watermelon and if you wanted some. But hey, you were born… damn Zebra.”

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