Mermaid’s Fairytale



So there i was… buried in the trenches of Neagra. The snow and blood froze to my skin making it close to impossible to move. Pain danced along my body with glee. I went too far this time. I had to do it, I had to summon her, that or my soul is damned until the next revival reincarnation celebration.

Growls grew closer, I could hear them travel in the wind, they’re coming for me and they are only miles away. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. There is no defeating the Ciberus Dr. Their skills are death like. They are said to have been created with artificial intelligence and spirits of the evil dead but… Post-creation, Mermaids sang sacred hymns to send the new birthed souls into the bodies of wolves the size of castles. Because of the Mermaid’s decision to do this, they were put under a grave irreversible curse called The Curse of Cuervo.

Legend has it that 5 marked crows surround you one for mind, one for body, one for soul, another for spirit and lastly flesh. They sing with the most beautiful voices and they sing your favorite songs or songs that have loving values to you to kinda soothe you into a paradise before it’s time, suddenly an immense pain violently erupts from inside then they eat away your insides, bones, tissue mass, muscles, heart & etc then replenishes your body with rotten maggots and water. Next she summons your soul to the surface so it can feel the physical pain you are experiencing… After all the blood is sucked from your skin and your eyes rot away turning into an abyss, radioactive parasites act as needle and thread to keep your mouth sewn shut. She then sets you on fire with fire from the depths of Hell and it slowly burns your skin to a crisp, won’t let you die and you still get the opportunity to feel. As your soul remains in constant pain and torment so does your body, your brain still functions like normal so you are able to feel and understand the agony your body is going thru and why… There is no escape or rescue, no second chance… there is no death.

I knew performing the ritual of the Ciberus Dr. would mean offering my soul and sacrificing the other Mermaids…. But I had to do it, and I’m glad I did. We’re no longer bound by undersea dungeons and bloodline rules. We are free.

Then i wake up… 💋 oxoxoxo





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