Mourning Sun: Last memories

Photo by Mitja Juraja on

I held her in my arms as I slowly watched Death sensually and artistically consume her soul and beauty. Her beautiful, hypnotizing, piercing black eyes suddenly erupted into pouts of ash with kitchen maggots being birthed from them. Her soft skin slowly molded. She tried to speak but her tongue slowly disintegrated into baby scorpions. My heart diminished with her last breath and the snow froze me slowly…

My soul, my Queen, my Goddess, my life, my true love Cuervo… We’ll be together once again in another life my love.

The remainder of her body burst into mists of dried blood leaving behind a soft and beautiful cherry blossom scent.

Tears began to fall down Cipactli’s eyes as Cuervo slowly disappeared before his very eyes… This is when it all began… He will find the one they call The Goddess and dethrone her and keep her head a offering to the true supreme Underworld Goddess, to start a new life with his love Cuervo in a new unknown dimension only he has knows about…

Or so he thinks…

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